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Karl Lagerfeld T Shirts - How to Buy it & Where to Buy it?

Posted on 12 June 2017

Are you looking for the perfect place to buy your Karl Lagerfeld T-shirts?

Look no more! Socialitte is the perfect place to buy all of your Karl Lagerfeld T Shirts.  The brand  is a luxury street-chic apparel line for men and women that offers a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks and cute accessories that are tributed to Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and fashion icons like Coco Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld

The designer/CEO of Socialitte, Meghan Reilly grew up a huge fanatic of Karl Lagerfeld.  Her inspiration for the line was a cartoon character that emulated his famous characteristics, such as his big black glasses, black and white suit fitted suit and of course famous, "Karl Who" bag he has been seen carrying on several occasions which led to their first collection, Karl Who by Socialitte.  You can purchase our Karl Who Tee below! Retails $128. 

What is a Socialitte? 

However, the line didn't stop with just Karl Lagerfeld.  When creating the brands name, Socialitte, she thought - what is a Socialite? Who and what represents our socialites in fashion? The first person that came to mind was Karl Lagerfeld and his bff, Anna Wintour who is seen alongside front row at Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan. The idea of creating cartoon characters tributing fashion icons would be the premises of the brand, Socialitte and their first collection, Karl Who and next to come, Anna Who inspired by legendary, Anna Wintour that will showcase Anna Wintour T-Shirts, Sweaters and accessories as well!

Anna Wintour T-Shirt

Why buy your Karl Lagerfeld T-Shirts from Socialitte?

Socialitte's Karl Lagerfeld T shirts have an adorable mini "Karl Lagerfeld Cartoon" character on them.  They are iconic and original and no other brand has anything like them out there! Their bright, bold in your face colors and design have been a huge fit all around the world! Fashion fanatics and other Socialites in Tokyo, New York, London, and Los Angeles as well as celebrities have bee seen wearing Socialitte's Karl Lagerfeld T-Shirts on social media and instagram and have lately been selling out in Japan! Lately, featured in OK Magazine and Star Magazine, celebrity Ashley Roberts was seen walking her dog on the streets of Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles wearing their infamous Karl Lagerfeld Tee!

Ashley Roberts wearing Socialitte


Not only are their trendy and chic, but the quality is worth every penny spent! Their organic tees and high end sweatshirts showcase printing, embroidery and sequins in their latest Karl Who Collection. Socialitte's Karl Lagerfeld t-shirts have been noted to be inspired by Fendi as well, when Lagerfeld designed his furry little Karlito last year for the fashion house, Fendi. 

The line won't stop with Karl Lagerfeld, however.  Soon, Anna Wintour and other fashion icons will be showcased on their luxurious collection of apparel! So, stay tuned! 

Anna Who by Socialitte


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